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“According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs, and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate beings condemning them to spend their lives in search for their other halves.”

~Plato’s The Symposium.

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To My “Ghosts” — The Finality of Letting Go

I see you have moved on without me.

Good for you, truly. For my part, it’s a relief I can finally have closure, even if I had moved on long ago and never looked back since. There is beauty now from the pain back then because enduring you to the end of my last life chapter metamorphosed me to someone I never thought I could and would be.

I hope you won’t be as… Bad—to put it lightly—with the new people in your lives, who you now call friends, as you were with me. Then again, the rational—and rather detached and maybe a bit (what an understatement, a bit?) brutal—part of me is always assured karma will bite you hard again if you still kept your old… Ways, concerning your treatment towards people. Even if I had eventually forgiven you again secretly, it was only for my peace of mind and heart, not because you sincerely deserved it.

Should we cross paths again, I’ll have you know I’m not who I once was (at least when around you). I’m not “her” anymore. Everything about me now is woman, the person you had hurt was just a girl. I’ve moved on without you and I’m staying that way for reasons you should have been already aware about (though I won’t be surprised if you’re still oblivious).

I know I’m replaceable and forgotten to you, as I can easily see, but that’s okay. Because it confirms the fact we can never go back to what we had, in spite of all we’ve been through together, and I already accepted it. I’m not hurt at all, I know I’m tougher than that.

I don’t need and want the memories. It’s just a fictional story to me and nothing more, so I’m throwing it all away. You screwed up your chance and I know well enough to never give you another one.

Goodbye to you and thanks for everything.



Hi guys~ some of you may or may not know….i made 2 Chrom mouse pads purely out of fun….and i really enjoyed the process…

BUT GOOD THINGS ARE MEANT TO BE SHARED~so… i have planned to do a giveaway~!

And as you can see from the photos the material is pretty soft so yeah…@u@ squish or imaginary squish away~!

How To Enter:

1.) Like+Reblog this post

2.)Please only onereblog for each person

3.)Ask boxes should be open so i can contact the winner

Winners will be drawn on 3rd of June~!

Good luck~ and may the best person win Chrom’s ass @3@

*ahem* Well, I do have my needs. -SHOT-

And you see nothing BECAUSE THIS IS MINE. -BRICKED-

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▌▌ Seasons of Tonari No Kaibutsu-kun ↷  TNK

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Oh damn…

XD Why do I have a feeling I’m FINALLY gonna post up my fandom pairings list because Fire Emblem Awakening is spurring me to?


:P And just so you know, it isn’t just FE exclusive. I’m talking about all of the fandoms I’m in, FE or not!

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